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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Technology in Our Life

How do jets fly? Jets can't flap their wings like a bird but jets do have large wings that have a special shape, so jets can fly without flapping. Jets have engine to give them power. A jet engine pulls air into itself then rushes it out the back. This pushes the jet through the air. This is call thrust. This thrust causes air to flow quickly over the wing. The special shape of the wing makes the air go faster over the top of the wing. The faster air going over the top creates low air pressure. The air going under the wing is slower and has high air pressure. This is called lift. Lift makes the plane go up. The weight of the plane is what pulls the jet back down. If a jet fly, the lift must be greater than the weight.
Parts of a Jet Engine

Fan: The large spinning fan sucks in large quantities of air. Most blades of the fan are made of titanium.

Compressor: The compressor squeezes the air that enter it into progressively smaller area, resulting in an increase in the air pressure.

Combustor: In the combustor the air is mixed with fuel and then ignited. There are as many as 20 noozles to spray fuel into the airstream.

Turbine: The high-energy airflow coming out of the combustor goes into the turbine, causing the turbine blades to rotate. The turbines of the jets spin around thousands of times.

Nozzle: The nozzle is the exhaust duct of the engine.This is the jet engine part which is usually produces the thrust for the plane.

Mixer: Combine the high temperature air coming from the jets engine core with the lower temperature air that was bypassed in the fan. The mixer helps to make the engine quieter.

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