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dunia oh dunia...kini aq brumr 20 plus++..ap yg korg nak tahu psl aq? aq seorg yg hepy gooo lucky...sgt2 mementingkan pnmpilan diri and byk lg laaa...aq mls nk tulis..nk knl aq? x blh..sbb..sbb aq pon xtaw...ha3

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my first post!!

Firstly, I want to offer as high as gratitude to ALLAH's permission that give me chance to prepare this blog.I also want to share my pleasure to my lecturer, Miss Diana who are teaching me business technology (MGT300).. thanks a lot to her because always giving me guidance and advise.

Actually, this is my first time on blogging..so, I found it pretty ackward..but I will try my best to make this blog look attractive and informative.

Let me introduce myself...First of all, my name is Muhamad Hafiz..but u can call me Hafiz..this year I will be 20...OMG! I'm getting old...but I know my face still cute..right? haha =)

This blog will be fullywritten in English Language. Hopefully, you will be satisfied on my post. To all my friends..DBS 4, gudluck 4 your final examination..I wish all of you will get excellent result.


  1. xla...kmrul just ajar cmne nk edit
    wall...mcm ko nmpk pict bku kt ats..
    die la tlg explain cmne nk gna blog..
    aq gna my own idea...tp thanks to kmrul
    yg ajr aq how to use this blog...saya bdk
    baru bljr..kalau slh tlg tnjukkn =)

  2. kmrul mna lg..sorg je
    kmrul lam clas kite..